Standing on the edge of a crumbled building, I look out to see what my city has become. We have been in a wreck ever since the first mega tornado hit. Everything has changed and it will never be the same again. The Brocken down buildings, crumbled and collapsed looked as if they might fall […]

Fate, you can call it what you like. Destiny, Gods will, fortune, the stars, coincidence. But Shakespeare has always referred to fate as “hanging in the stars”. What people back in 1595 believed was that Your life is in the control of god and you can’t change your destiny. “But he that hath the steerage […]

***ROMEO AND JULIET ACT 5 SCENE 2*** Characters: Friar John and Friar Lawrence. Setting: in Friar Lawrences cell. Quote: “who bare my letter then to Romeo?” ———-SCENE SUMMARY———- Friar Lawrence learns that Romeo hadnt received his letter that Juliet isnt really dead but apart of his plan for them to be togeather. So he hurries […]

———-ROMEO AND JULIET ACT 4 SCENE 2 AND 3———- Characters: 2: Capulet, Servingman, Nurse, Juliet and Lady Capulet 3: Juliet and ┬áLady Capulet Setting: 2 Capulet mansion on a Tuesday afternoon. 3: in Juliets bedroom. Quote: ” farewell! god knows when we shall meet again” ***SCENE SUMMARY*** 2: Juliets come to appologies to her father […]

***ROMEO AND JULIET SCENE SUMMARY*** Characters: Capulet, Nurse, Lady Capulet and Juliet Setting: inside the Capulets mansion, in Juliets room. Quote: “ill to the friar to know his remedy; if all else fail, myself have power to die” ———-ACT 3 SCENE 5———- Juliet goes to talk with her father to cancel the marrage with Paris […]

***ROMEO AND JULIET SCENE SUMMERY*** Characters: Romeo, Benvolio, Mercutio Place/Setting: A late sunday night outside the Capulet’s orchard Scene: Romeo hides from his friends (Benvolio and Mercutio) Quote: ” Can I go forward when my heart is here” — said by Romeo in line 1 ———-ACT 2 SCENE 1:———- Romeo goes and hides away from […]

***ROMEO AND JULIET ACT 1 SCENE 2*** Characters: Lady Capulet, the nurse and Juliet Setting: in the Capulet’s house Quote: “go, girl, seek happy nights to happy days” ———-SCENE SUMMARY———- Lady Capulet had a talk to the (crazy) nurse to find out how old Juliet was to see if she was of an age to […]