TASK 1: One problem the men face when they are trying to get down the mountain is that they are losing light quickly and the weather is getting worse. They have also run out of gas which means they do not have any water. They need to get down the mountain fast and the only […]

IMAGES: “The only remaining evidence of my ordeal was the sight of my blackened fingertips.” – Frost bite, his fingers look bruised. “The deep tiredness I had felt yesterday was gone” – Acting more energetic and enthusiastic, not walking around lazily. “The bitter feelings, however, hadn’t diminished. To leave the place would free me from […]

The Fifth Element: SCENE ANALYSIS Sound: diegetic = sound made by characters non-diegetic = sound put in wish sound – non diegetic classical music, flute, violin – diegetic opera singing – diegetic talking – diegetic knocking – diegetic gun sound – non diegetic spaceship sound – non diegetic fighting sound affects – non diegetic up […]

I walked to school because I’m forced to. I will experience painful punishment unless I go to school. I will experience painful punishment if I don’t go to school so I walked to school. I was resenting going to school until I am forced to go.      

Fate, you can call it what you like. Destiny, Gods will, fortune, the stars, coincidence. But Shakespeare has always referred to fate as “hanging in the stars”. What people back in 1595 believed was that Your life is in the control of god and you can’t change your destiny. “But he that hath the steerage […]

***ROMEO AND JULIET ACT 5 SCENE 2*** Characters: Friar John and Friar Lawrence. Setting: in Friar Lawrences cell. Quote: “who bare my letter then to Romeo?” ———-SCENE SUMMARY———- Friar Lawrence learns that Romeo hadnt received his letter that Juliet isnt really dead but apart of his plan for them to be togeather. So he hurries […]