26th September 2018

Now and Then Essay

Idea 1: Wanaka in the past and Wanaka in the present. – First person encounter of what Wanaka looked like and was like before and now.  Include: Population, buildings, lake, mountains, Boats on the lake… Ideas: I am walking through the town and down to the lake while describing what I see. Time frame – Now = 2018, Then = 1976 Season – for both time periods = Summer

Paragraph 1 = description in first person of walking in wanaka during 1976

  • Day and Night:
  • Night – stars, moonlight, cant see, shadows, cold, quiet, deserted, still, smell of fires, black, taking refuge from the night. 
  • Day – warm, bright, blue sky, sun, boats, movement, talking, laughing, birds chirping, happy, excitement, bustling with movement, busy streets. 
  • mirror the aspects, talk about the same things in two different time zones. 

a sense of danger, thrill at night.

  • Aspects to include: 
  • Show how a scene changes or has changed or your perception of it changes over time. 
  • Include language features 
  • Vividly describe it and show contrast
  • past and present or morning and evening how the scene has changed 
  • how the scenery, colours, smells, tastes, textures, sounds, what is happening and people present changes from day to night or wanaka in the past and wanaka in the present. 
  • sentence structure accuracy.


Summer, bright, blue, warm 

As i walk across the shore small stones crunch under my shoes, creating small holes as they sink down from my weight. I look out towards the steep mountains, the slopes run down to a pile of rough rock scattered at the bottom. The sun’s on my back, the wind in my hair as I breath in the cold, fresh air. During the day everything is bustling with movement, the busy streets bring laughter and chatter which fills the town, the swaying trees sing along to all the bustle as the birds chirp happily in the trees. I look out across the water, the white refections of the boats motoring through the lake sparkle from a great distance. The smell of petrol from the cars travel from the streets. The salty smell of fish and chips and the inviting feeling of the warm sun draws people closer to the lake front as the afternoon heat rolls in. No one wants the day to end. 

The sun slowly slips away behind the mountains, taking with it the warmth of the day and leaving the cool depths of the night. The hidden mountains shield the town, now looking out at the lake 

Everything is quite and calm, the night had 

Walking along the beach at night, everything is black and cold.  as 

People have taken refuge in the nearby buildings

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